August 12-19, 2023


Parade Committee

Kristina Haymore

(208) 312-2241

Michelle Campbell

(208) 312-5241

2022 Cassia County Fair Parade Winners

Please have your representative contact the Cassia County Fair Office at 208-678-9150 with your address so your prize may be mailed.

Best Theme
1. Kidds Dental
2. D.L. Evans
3. Cassia Classics

Best Animal Drawn
1. El Caporel

Best Commercial
1. Idaho Power
2. Physicians Immediate Care
2. Seasons Dental

Best Youth
1. Burley Pool
2. Gary Jones Construction
3. Burley High School

Crowd Pleasers
1. Classic Air Medical
2. Steve Regan
3. Wilson Wizarding

Peoples Choice
1. Cassia County Republican Party

Parade Participants,

We would like to thank you for your participation in the 2021 Cassia County Fair Parade. We look forward to seeing you at the parade and anticipate a great parade again this year!

There is no pre-registration for the Parade. IT WILL BE A FIRST COME, FIRST IN LINE deal.

Parade entries will line up at the Burley High School on Parke Ave., any and all vehicles that go with your entry must be with your entry when you line up. The parking lot gates will open at 7 am; you will be brought around the school and be put into order at that time. We will separate the music to ensure they don't play over each other. Once you are in an order we will take you down and park you on 27th street.

The gates will open at 7am, but you may line up any time UNTIL 10:00 at which time entries will be closed down. IF YOU LINE UP EARLY- a driver must remain with the vehicle. The parade will begin at 10:30 am.

Second, the drivers will be given a form to sign once they are in line. This will be the liability form that you sign every year.

Third, please make sure your entry is well marked. Our announcer this year will be more spontaneous and not have prepared papers.

Fourth, all judging will be en route.

Fifth, when you show up to be placed in order, ALL OF YOUR FLOAT NEEDS TO BE THERE. You may not send a 4-wheeler or a car and then try to pull the rest of your float in with them on 27th street. You may have the 4-wheeler wait and join with the rest of your entry or have 2 entries.

We thank you for being a part of the fair and participating with us. If you have questions or additional information, please feel free to contact a parade committee member.

2022 Grand Marshals

Robert and Diann Severe

2022 Grand Marshals - Robert and Diann Severe

Stalwart. Dedicated. Tradesman. Cowboy. Creative. Patient. Resilient. Confident. Artisan. These are just a few of the many attributes and character traits that describe Robert and Diann Severe, Grand Marshals of the 2022 Cassia County Fair and Rodeo.

Robert is the son of David and Thelma Agnes Elison Severe. He was raised in the Goose Creek Valley above Oakley, where his family farmed and raised horses and cattle. He spent quality family time with his brothers, Kent, Stephen, Keith, Grant and Raymond and sister, Mary, until in his high school years, when the family moved to Oakley.

Diann was also born and raised in Oakley, the daughter of Joseph Jr (JJ) McLaws and Joyee Clark McLaws. Diann was raised with three siblings: Corinne, Steven, and Josette. Her father was a well-known auctioneer and farmer and worked for the Soil Conservation Service with the local valley farmers, all the while serving as Mayor of the City of Rocks. Diann's mother dedicated years of service to Boise Cascade and the Burley Airport.

Robert and Diann met as kids, and both graduated from Oakley High School. Robert (Class of 62) was a high school football and basketball all-star, and Diann (Class of 64) was a cheerleader and drill mistress.

After Robert's return from serving an LDS mission in Australia, they were married in the Idaho Falls LDS Temple on April 22, 1965.

Throughout their married lives, they have lived in: Burley, Idaho, Yoakum, Texas, Klamath Falls, Oregon, San Juan Bautista, California and Eugene, Oregon. In 1972, they returned to Oakley, where they raised their growing family.

Both Robert and Diann were raised with an appreciation for the value of hard work and have spent their lives showcasing that through their local business, faith-based callings, and giving back many hours of service to their communities.

The Severes have been the sole proprietors of Severe Saddlery for over 50 years. Robert has created custom hand-made saddles and cowboy accoutrements. His reputation and quality craftsmanship has gained him recognition the world over. Robert was known as a comedian during his of 28 years of service on the Cassia County fair board. He is widely known and recognized for his generous donations of the local queen saddles, breast collars and reins at many rodeo events in southern Idaho and surrounding states.

Diann has always found pride and satisfaction in being a supportive wife and mother, raising six children and dedicating her services to the Cassia County School District for 22 years. In a school setting with unpredictable kids, this was often a difficult job. She is known for her keen eye for detail and meticulous dedication in ensuring her work and efforts resulted in “white glove” reviews.

Severe Saddlery has made and produced more than 1,200 custom saddles and over 3,000 saddle trees. A recognized Idaho folk artist, his name and reputation are part of the state of Idaho's Folk and Traditional Art Archives. A recognized craftsman and artisan, Robert raised the standard in product and service and is well respected among peers and admirers the world over. He was the main sponsor for numerous saddles for Cassia County Fair and Rodeo queens, beginning in the early 1970s and continuing throughout his tenure on the Fair Board.

Robert recently hung up his saddle and tack and retired from his occupation of building saddle trees and custom saddles.

Robert and Diann are enjoying their new adventures in retirement, spending time with their grandchildren, gardening, enjoying livestock, while contributing much of their time to their faith and each other.

Robert and Diann are the proud parents of six children: Brent, Suzette, Rob, Daric, Gena and Breann, and the proud grandparents of 15 grandchildren.

Robert, Diann and their family would like to thank the county and communities for their continuous support, friendships, and appreciation.

What Cassia County locals are saying:

I've known Robert and Diann Severe for virtually my whole life, and I can honestly say they are a Cassia County treasure. Their saddles, which have gained worldwide renown, are second to none, and I have used them exclusively for many decades. But beyond their obvious skill at saddle making, they are simply good, solid citizens who have contributed to their community in diverse ways, including years of service on the Fair Board. Cassia County is a better place to live and work because of the Severes.

Speaker Scott Bedke
Idaho House of Representatives
Idaho Lieutenant Governor Candidate

Diann and I worked together for many years, and I grew to love and respect her on so many levels. She is one of the hardest workers I have ever met- working long hours but always prompt, thorough, knowledgeable about what needed to be done, cheerful, and leaving her mark of excellence. When she worked at the school, she was a good sounding board and was always eager to address any needs I may have had. She is caring and exhibits the same traits when serving in community and church capacities. She is thoughtful, generous, and loyal. Most importantly she is a contributor.

Diann's family, however, is her first priority. She has raised a large and talented family, of which she can be deservedly proud.

I am glad I have gotten to work and associate with her and appreciate her loyal friendship.

Marge Woodhouse
Cassia County Resident/Educator

Severe Saddlery has been synonymous with quality work for years. The first saddle I rode was from Severe's. The saddle I ride most is a Severe. Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail is present in every saddle that left Bob's shop. I went to Severe's as a young boy and would watch the cowboys come in and chew the fat. Folks would come in and talk to Bob about everything: politics, cowboying, cattle, local gossip, and life. Bob always listened and offered sage advice. In my adult life, I have sought out Bob on community issues, and he didn't steer me wrong. He couldn't have done what he did best in his business without Diann's support and care.

McCord Larsen, Esq.
Cassia County Prosecuting Attorney

We Just love Bob and Diann!

They are great neighbors and wonderful friends. You won't find a more generous couple. They are always looking for ways to help someone out and support this wonderful community. Each day they lead their lives with a home-grown work ethic and are a great example of simple happiness. You won't find a weed in their garden, and Bob will always have something funny to say to brighten your day.

We really enjoy their company and are very grateful to have them in our lives.

Wayne & Heather Pulsipher Family
Cassia County Residents/Neighbors

I have fond memories of the Severes during the time Bob served on Cassia County fair board. I have seen firsthand his family and sweet wife Diann support and stand by Bob and help in any way needed.

Bob is a great example of dedication in any job he has been involved in, from serving the community to making saddles for working cowboys or PRCA Cowboys. Bob has always taken pride in his community and his saddles.

I was honored to be crowned Cassia County Fair and Rodeo queen 1979. The only reason I ran was to be the winner and receive a handmade Bob Severe saddle!

I will always treasure the saddle, which I still use to this day. Most of all, I treasure the association with a great family and the lasting friendship of the Severes.

Pat Parke Gebauer
1979 Cassia County Rodeo Queen

I have been associated with the Severe family for my entire life. I have known Robert and Diann for most of those years.

The Severes are known for their work ethic. When I was in my teens, I remember Robert skinning a bull that died in the dead of winter in one of our fields. He was interested in the quality of the leather he could derive from that bull, and he was not afraid of the work to get it. Winter is not a time of year that would be easy to skin anything, let alone a 2000-pound bull!

For several years, I served on the Cassia County School Board. Diann worked at Oakley High School, supervising the maintenance. The care of that school was superior. I know that she would start in the middle of the night during the school year to prep the buildings for the coming day.

I also appreciate the Severes' years of service in the community. Their leadership and service on the Cassia County fair board are just one of the many examples of their willingness to share their time and talents with the community.

I personally appreciate both of them for their friendship. They have influenced my life for good in so many ways. I am thrilled that these unsung heroes are being recognized by our community at this time.

David J. Pickett
Cassia County Resident/Rancher