August 15-22, 2020

Welcome to the Cassia County Fair and Rodeo

Our 2020 Theme is "Cassia County Fair: Gotta love that!"

The Fair is more than a gathering of rides, animals, and cotton candy. It is one of Cassia County's most cherished and celebrated events, where new memories are made and old memories are shared.

The Cassia County Fair has been and still is a collection of livestock exhibits, carnival rides, farm, garden and other exhibits. These events convey the county's love of agricultural and home interests and define and unite us as a community.

Best Exhibitor Awards for 2019

Foods: Jill Dunn
Home: Sandy Baker
Handiwork: Holly Tolman
Art: Rosa Klink

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Upcoming 2020 Concert

The 2020 Concert is in the works! Check back in April 2020 for more details.